itching to write but too lazy to do so, part deux

Monday, July 14, 2008

so yeah, you guessed it. it's stupid pictures time again!

only in the philippines can people come up with wordplays that have absolutely nothing to do with the product they're selling.

what does a chinese na amoy lumpia even look like? scary. i wouldn't come near this place. ever.

um... what? oh. you mean this outlet CONTINUES THE LEGENDARY TRADITION! yeah. you communicate that quite well. and wait, aren't you in makati? why the hell does it say baguio city bran--- ah. you mean this branch COMES FROM THE BAGUIO OUTLET. splendid job old chap. very coherent.

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  1. bulak balls. haha. sounds like an old tito, vic and joey movie.

    wow. meron na pala ngayong lumpia na amoy chinese.

    think the poster was cut off or something. haha.


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