The Blue and Orange Project™: no. 3

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

great, another photo-finish. i gotta stop working like this, really.

this one i made while trying to visualize the crazy feeling karen sometimes makes me feel. it's like.. well.. akin to that of a bobblehead. everything seems to be really hectic, alive and head-dismembering crazy.

but i love her anyways. :D

as usual, this was done on photoshop.


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  1. really sweet, la-po. thanks! :*

    daya mo, nakaka-3 ka na. ako ni isa, wa pa entry. *sob*

  2. kinikilig ako para sa inyo *wide grin*

  3. ka: is okay. pag nagawa ko na site natin, then you can upload all you want. :p

    van: asuuuuu. e kayo nga ni schroo mo e. haha


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