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Monday, August 13, 2007

i am now the proud owner of a brand new electro-acoustic black guitar, courtesy of the gf!my friend perry texted me saturday morning, saying he wanted to drop by the house later that afternoon cause he din't have anything better to do. i was supposed to go to the mall to buy stuff but smelling another drinking session was brewing, i replied in the affirmative almost immediately. around 2pm, he came strolling into my room, which he normally does when i'm upstairs and nanay lets him in. we talked for a bit, then he said he wanted to show me something downstairs and asked me to follow him. i swear i heard a faint "pink panther" theme playing in the background as we made our way to our usual drinking spot near the river at the back of the house. there, seated at the table, was karen, smoking a cigarette and smiling ear to ear in that cute little way of hers. i was surprised primarily because she had a late friday night at work (she finished around 6am) and i was expecting her to still be asleep at home. my jaw dropped even further when she pointed to the other end of the table, where a large, black bag was. "surprise baby!", she intoned. "open it!" my balls felt liquid as i unzipped the bag and saw what was inside: a shiny, black guitar. it still had the new ca-- uh, guitar smell. "happy anniversary baby!", she said simply, still smiling. "you din't think that those songbooks were all i got you now, din't you?" i think i stood still like a scarecrow for a good 10mins before i was able to sit down.

later on, after gathering my bearings, she told me all the details: how she got perry and yap to fish for guitar preferences from me, how the three of them along with yap's gf kristi went out that morning to buy it, how she asked kaye to ask me to go to the mall on sunday instead, and how nanay let her inside the house while perry chatted me up in my room. it's pretty amusing i tells ya.

i can't remember the last time i was ganged up on and actually felt HAPPY about it.

P.S. guess what? we ended up having a booze session after all, with yap, kristi, algene and kel joining in on the fun later that night. good times.

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  1. Yahoo! Congrats with the new axe! Saya-saya naman! Hehehe...Kantahan na to! Yeah!!!

  2. bob: thanks man! wento sa kin ni karen alam nyo daw to e! haha.

  3. Angassss!!! Ang sweet naman ni Karen! ;-)

  4. what does an electro-acoustic guitar mean??? is it both an electric and acoustic guitar???


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