to watch or not to watch.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

harry potter, order of the phoenix tomorrow folks.

god i am so juvenile.

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  1. you're like my 22 year-old brother. (oh yes, i have to emphasize his age! haha) he even reserved tickets 2weeks ago for film and he's super excited about the last book as well. haha

  2. hoy elaine (is this ilovehoney ni spits?? )

    i also reserved our lazyboy seats sa trinoma for Harry Potter last Saturday. Plus paid in advance for reservation sa Book 7!! hmpf !!

  3. Hah! Being NOT juvenile is overrated. If I weren't going on a vacation on the 21st, I'd be in line for book 7 midnight release.

  4. elaine: well i wouldn't actually call myself EXCITED you know. haha. oh who am i kidding.

    ace: hoy! hindi chatroom to! hahaha.

    ten: ten? as in kirsTEN?

  5. Ah, yeah. I was browsing through friendster. And I ended up here. XD


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