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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

went with karen, tonton, kel and pe to greenbelt last night to watch "transformers". yeah i know i'm a bit late because practically everyone in the world had seen this already and so far, all i've heard are good things about the movie. after watching it, i'd have to agree. the opening where prime's voice rang out in a narrative was simply goosebump-inducing i almost peed my pants. the transformation sequences were damn-near perfect. you could actually see every gear and part moving (ok it's an exaggeration but it sure looked that way. spoilsport.) to its proper place. i also like the way they redefined the concept of the robots being alien. of course, it goes without saying that the best thing about this movie are the chase and battle scenes. i mean, c'mon! big ass robots, weapons and explosions! you can't get any cooler than that! i literally held my breath during them which was a real problem since they showed those scenes on a once-every-10-minutes basis lol. this is easily the most exciting, engaging and explosive movie i've seen this year, infinitely better than "shrek 3" or "spiderman 3". that's not to say however, that it is completely without flaws. they could have done without some of the human characters. they just added confusion and unecessary comic relief to the movie (specifically that idiotic hacker who lives with his grandma and the sector 7 commander.) plus, some parts of the movie look like they've been edited by a 10-year old boy. and what is up with the starscream disappearing act near the end? all these however, failed to outweigh the positives this movie showed. if the ending was any indication, a part two is definitely coming.

i recommend watching this on the big screen. you won't regret it.

procrastinator rating: 9 out of 10 stars

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  1. yeh the movie rocked :) people can actually laugh in an american-pie sort of way with Sam's comedic struggle with puberty.

    other stuff:
    - i was half-expecting Star Scream to have that annoying high-pitched voice, but it looks like it's not to be
    - too bad Jazz became mince meat. Was Megatron ever that strong? :o
    - the all-spark plot don't feel like a strong driving point to the whole movie. and I found it annoying that Prime had to be too heroic to let the All-spark bomb inside him and had to ask Sam to do it only after being pummeled instead of doing it first time around
    - have you seen the blasphemous toys they made about it? i mean, optimus prime has a proto-form (y'know? the one before copying the earth truck) and it transforms into a wheeled, metallic turd with jets. what's up with that :o

  2. yeah pakner, when i saw optimus prime (diba, optimus na, prime pa!) on the big screen, i almost cried. *lol*

    i thought the hottie and the fatso hacker was unnecessary tho.

    *wik wak wok wok*

  3. quents: haha yeah. that was the only sub-story i liked.

    - starscream, yeah. it would've been awesome. but how cool was hugo weaving as megatron?

    - he kinda deserved it. he annoyed me a bit lol.

    - that part i din't get too. i was expecting prime to go "whoops. that'll work."

    - no toy sightings as of late. any jpegs you can show me?

    pakner: megan fox wasn't unecessary hotdammit!


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