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Monday, March 19, 2007

saturday, me and karen went to glorietta to look for stuff for our bohol trip. (incidentally, glorietta was having a "midnight madness" sale. that meant hordes of purchase-hungry consumers.) i got me 2 pairs of shorts, plus a pair of boardshorts because i was afraid the ones i have wouldn't fit me anymore, being the fatass that i've become the past months, and karen got herself new swimsuits.

after going around the mall, we caught the last full show of the movie "300". self-confessed comic geek that i am, i must admit that i wasn't able to read the frank miller megged comic book/graphic novel from which the movie was taken from so i din't know what to expect. i had only heard about it, plus the fact that it was miller. i just had to see it and i was glad i did. it was visually breathtaking; the characters seemed to jump out of the screen, and the scenery was awe-inspiring. it had it's fair share of violence and mutilations too. i resisted the urge to count how many bodily extremities went flying across the screen during the battle scenes. the spartans were shown as fierce, ultra-masculine specimens, from their physique to their character. (needless to say, i left the moviehouse a bit less manly. i felt like a wimp after watching.) the story itself was simple and straightforward, but it doesn't mean it was boring. oh, far from it. go check it out before showing stops. it'll be worth it.

(note: i got into the office early this morning, and realized that karen gave me a copy of the comics in jpeg format. i read all 5 issues and i was overjoyed when i saw that the movie was almost entirely lifted from it, and some scenes were "copied" exactly!)

sunday, i decided to watch "the pursuit of happyness" (it's not a typo you dumbass) on DVD with my sister kaye at home, a welcome shift to male sensitivity after watching those alpha male, ego-deflating spartans. it was a touching movie, about one's struggle with hardship to pursue their dreams and to do everything for the ones they love. i swear to god i could feel every frustration chris (the lead character) went through, and by the end of the movie i was a bit teary-eyed (real men cry. idiot.) will smith should get a fucking award for this one.

+ + + +

only a few weeks to go till nanay and tatay's 50th wedding anniversary and the surprise party. aside from scanning old pictures of my grandparents to be used for a slideshow presentation, i have to make an invite for the event too. it's not a big gathering. we'll prolly invite just a little under 50 people, mostly family. i can't wait to see the look on nanay and tatay's faces when we spring this surprise party on them.

+ + + +

three more days till bohol! haha sorry. i'm just excited about our trip. better get packin'.

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  1. uy... bohol is really nice, except for the so-so airport, everythings A-ok.

    hopefully me and nymos will have time to post our pics... so you'll know what to expect.

    anyhoo... hwag kumain ng kalamay pag naka-braces or naka-retainers. (period) iiyak ka promise.

  2. ace: pare! nakabalik na nga pala kayo! haha. di kami derecho airport e. cebu muna kami tapos ferry to bohol. mas tipid e. sige patingin pics! =] WALA AKONG BRACES or RETAINERS! hahahahahaha

  3. Ooooo. I just read your comment about being less manly after seeing 300. Natawa ako sobra .:D Actually, all my guy friends feel the same way like you do. Parang wish nila na sana abs na lang sila. :D One of them even made this "Project Spartan" where his goal is to achieve those freakin' 6 packs. talk about desperation.. hahaha!

  4. CM: am watching 300 tonight. all of you (and i mean ALL) throw raves all over my face, so i'm checking it out tonight. i considered myself a frank miller fan after i saw sin city. no, i'm not a fan of comic books.

    mukhang nagandahan ka sa in pusuit of happyness, so i'm giving that one a try as well. salamat sa tips. :-)


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