multiple choice

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

i have not been updating my blog recently because:

a.) i have gotten tired of writing stupid, nonsensical stuff about my poor excuse for a life and decided to live in the mountains for a while to watch birds mate.

b.) i temporarily lost all motor skills due to excessive alcohol binges and found myself lying helplessly on a hospital bed while the nurse that got assigned to my room touched my genitals everytime she checked in on me.

c.) i had temporary amnesia due to an accident involving a motor vehicle and some toothpaste and roamed the streets of manila proclaiming myself to be the reincarnation of john lennon.

d.) i won the lotto then lost all of my money to a balding, sweaty man during an intense game of tong-its, and got jailed after i beat up the bastard out of irritation with a rusty shovel.

take yer pick.

not that you care anyways.

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  1. i wanna say A. cz B's too assuming of u (haha), C's too much of a telenovela, and D's too violent (i'm guessing ur not the violent type).



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