how to create a perfect day

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

go to baywalk with your significant other. order drinks from figaro and smoke while conversing. remember to bring eye protection.

fool around with each other's digital cameras. take more than a couple of shots. you never know what moments you might capture.

finish your drinks even though they taste like tap water. smoke a few more sticks while walking around and talking.

find a good spot and watch the sunset. desperately try to take pics of the sunset despite not having zoom lens. don't be disappointed if you don't get the shots you want; just be happy you shared something that beautiful together.

have dinner together. eat slowly. savor every nuance of taste, every silent, intimate moment. order simple foods which will allow you to have a conversation while eating.

cap the day off with a coffee date with your bestfriend and his boyfriend (this is optional; it's better to spend the day alone together. exceptions include the scenario where your bestfriend is leaving for davao the following day.)

repeat steps if desired; although for me, thinking of something different the next time you go out is highly recommended.


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  1. i had fun that day, baby.. thanks sobra. :) finally, natuloy narin! :) i love you :*

  2. AAAAWWW.. cook something she haven't tasted yet! =)

  3. yup. perfect alright.. i always try to try by baywalk whenever i visit. the sunset, the breeze on yer cheeks, and a hand to hold while walking.. mushiness! hihi

  4. coolio. :) absofrigginlutely puuuuurrrrrfect :P


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