Thursday, October 19, 2006

i went to the dentist this morning to fix my right molar whose filling came off about 3 months ago. yeah i know, i should've brought it there sooner but i somehow wasn't able to find time for it. after cleaning the said tooth and inspecting it, the doctor told me she put some sort of tooth-grower under the temporary fillling and told me that if the meds don't work, i'd be looking at a 2nd root canal operation. yikes. my head swam with scenes of me in a dentist's chair while a crazed attendant drills my mouth with all sorts of scary-looking needles. then he'd go crazy, swinging the instruments of death around till he hits my gums or my tonsil or tongue while blood spurts healthily from my gab-hole. *shudder*

while we're on the subject, i thought of other, more crappy ways to die:

1. drowning in a toilet bowl - here's the scenario: you come home to your small, dirty apartment obscenely drunk. you head straight for the bathroom to puke on the toilet bowl, after which the toilet seat comes crashing down on your cranium while you're hitting the flush. your head gets stuck with the suction effect created by the swirling water and you drown. relatives who discover your bloated body see bits of puke and crap in your eyes, nose and mouth.

2. grated and trampled in an escalator - you're in the mall when suddenly the sound sysytem announces a bomb scare. you sprint to the nearest escalator and go down, only to be pushed by some middle-aged lady carrying groceries with 2 kids in tow. you fall and your shirt gets stuck in the teeth of the escalator while the frenzied mob tramples on your bloody carcass. then the kid whose mom pushed you in the first place does a beckham and kicks your head while shouting "outta my way loser!"

3. suffocation - you're riding the MRT filled with tons of people at high noon when suddenly the power goes out. you wait but no help comes. people start getting restless and hot, and they try to forcibly open the windows and the door to no avail because the heat of the sun fused it shut. due to the rapid decrease in oxygen and the heat, the people inside the train suffocate. you die with the strong smell of BO of the sweaty sando-clad man next to you lingering in your nostrils.

hey, it can happen! it's as realistic as these clips i happened to stumble upon while browsing the net yesterday. click HERE to view MAXIM's 10 best horror movie deaths. a warning though, these are not for the weak of stomach. but, if you are one of those people who get some sick, morbid pleasure out of watching other people die horrific, brutal deaths, then you'll love these.

god i hope dem meds work.

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  1. drowing in a toilet bowl!! wtf! hahaha. i'd be so ashamed to die like that! ni nde ko maimagine! XD

    niweiz, uy i hope u dont mind na ginamit ko na ang bg. maganda naman eh! :) tska kasi tugma sa tema ng mundo ko ngayon kaya pagbigyan na. salamat ulet! (pero hihintayin ko pden ang finish product?? hahaha ;D)


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