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Thursday, September 14, 2006

a british rock band generally credited for paving the way for other bands such as coldplay and keane. they have been praised for their haunting lyrics and beautiful melodies by the likes of paul mccartney, elton john and even coldplay frontman chris martin, who says he's a "poor man's fran healy."

listen to sing HERE.

an alternative band from england, keane is known for using the piano as lead instrument unlike most bands. however, they use of guitar effects, pedals and synthesizers to make it sound like a guitar. they have cited many influences, including the beatles, U2, oasis, R.E.M., the smiths, radiohead, queen, the pet shop boys and paul simon. the album "under the iron sea" is their latest release.

listen to is it any wonder HERE.

one of my favorite bands ever. who doesn't know "iris", arguably their most famous song? their latest album, "let love in", offers much of the same old goo goo dolls music i've come to love.

listen to better days HERE.

an american rockband from bellingham, washington. the band got its name from a song performed by bonzo dog doo-dah band on their album gorilla. great melodies and vibe.

listen to what sarah said HERE.

a band which went from indie to mainstream success with their album "so long astoria", which had the cover of the don henley classic "boys of summer". if you like dashboard confessionals, then you should check these guys out.

listen to the acoustic version of the saddest song HERE.

john mayer decided to move his music in a new direction in 2005, putting a more blues-influenced style in it. thus, the john mayer trio was born. the other two members pino palladino (bassist) and steve jordan (drummer) were acquaintances made by mayer during his previous studio sessions. they disbanded in march 2006, but mayer hinted that the trio would reunite to produce a studio album.

listen to who did you think i was HERE.

the latest offing from one of the most talented musician /songwriters of this generation. he started playing the guitar at age 13 when his father, a high school principal gave a him a confiscated tape of stevie ray vaughan. the album "continuum" marks the bluesy direction mayer has taken in terms of his musicality.

listen to waiting on the world to change HERE.

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  1. uyyyy hihiramin ko un url nun sa keane, dead cab, tska un travis side okei. :D zhalamat nang marami!

  2. The only song i've heard from death cab for cutie is "I Will Follow You into the Dark"... and i love it! Is PLANS a new album or what?

  3. i adore death cab for cutie! only NU 107 used to play their songs, but jam 88.3 has followed suit. kaso ayoko talaga sumikat ang death cab. ;D

    actually, i love all artists you posted here but death cab stands out. :P

    how about kings of convenience?
    ok din sila.

    zaizee, you have to listen to all their songs! (sorry naki react ako sa comment mo :))

  4. yay!

    - lazy-to-login-quents

  5. death cab rocks. not to mention they come from jason's hometown, heheh. :-D

    the john mayer cd is really great! :-D sobrang galing. waaay better than his solo albums i think.


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