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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

i haven't been watching that much television nowadays, not as much as i used to a few years back. i find little time to do so especially now that i am back to working in makati. but, there are programs and shows that i have watched religiously despite the said fact. one of these is WWE. i know, i know, a lot of people don't get the weird fascination us fans of "professional wrestling" have towards it. so what? i love watching it. sure, it's scripted, and sometimes it's really unbelievable but hey, it's entertainment. it's just like telenovela on steroids. recent episodes (RAW and SMACKDOWN! are telecast over at jackTV on a 3 week delay basis though) of its two programs have been really exciting due largely to 2 major events:

the return of the animal, BATISTA; who was sidelined by a supposed injury he incurred while wrestling with mark henry, "the world's strongest man" (who looks like an overweight 'predator' to me). after almost a year of absence, he's back, and he's as bad-ass as ever.

the reunion of DEGENERATION X, who long ago once wreaked havoc in WWE. comprised of its original members the showstopper, heartbreak kid SHAWN MICHAELS and the game, the king of kings TRIPLE H, DX has run circles around WWE president vince mcmahon and his appointed henchmen, the spirit squad. read more wrestling-related stuff HERE.

now, on to more realistic topics. reality TV, that is. the 2nd season of rockstar is here! this time, the winner will front the new supergroup SUPERNOVA, comprised of drummer tommy lee (motley crue), bassist jason newsted (metallica) and guitarist gilbey clarke (guns 'n roses). i watched the premiere episode last week, and it looks to be an interesting series. no faves yet for me. for some reason, the contestants din't impress me that much (unlike last season where marty casey, mig ayesa, jordis and eventual winner jd fortune showed early signs of star quality). read more info about the show HERE and the rocker contestants HERE.

bring on the popcorn and booze!

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  1. ito ba yung araw na nanonood ka ng wrassling pakner?ü todo itich!ü

  2. this season's rockstar is ho-hum.

    none of the girls come close to jordis unga. and the guys, well, kulang pa ng rock appeal.

    actually, this whole season lacks appeal. but i hope it gets better as the weeks go by...

  3. pakner: yish yish. =]

    zombie: yeah, they seem bland by comparison.


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