Tuesday, July 04, 2006

went to mall of asia last saturday to watch "superman returns" with kaye, den, ohme, joyce and karen. the place was effin' HUGE. me, being the direction-challenged individual that i am, tried vainly to make a mental map of the place for future reference as we went from one area to another but sadly, my resolve crumbled after the first 15 minutes of doing so. pfft. oh well. i really am hopeless.

anyhoo, the movie was good, in my opinion. sure, it lacked action, mainly because it concentrated on characterization but when they did show some, my jaw just dropped everytime. the burning plane. the near-destruction of metropolis. the crystal-born continent. manomanoman. can you say epic?

after the movie, we decided to window shop a bit, and i noticed most of the boutiques were still closed (heard a rumor that they are having second thoughts about the mall because it is "structurally independable") after which, we headed off to macapagal to have dinner. we ate in this place where you buy food over at a nearby market first, then have it cooked by the numerous restos there. we got tuna belly, frog legs (which is really weird they call it that coz they were whole FRIGGIN' frogs. i din't eat any) and sipit ng alimango. yum.

after that grubfest, me and karen headed off to W bar in glorietta to attend a party. its main attraction was a mechanical bull situated in the middle of the place. i conjured up images of beatiful, sexy women climbing on it, bouncing up and down while trying desperately not to fall. rawr. one by one, people started riding the behemoth, and my face fell as i realized that all of them were guys. pfft. i met some more of karen's friends too. lau and momon, two of her officemates, were relentlessly snapping up pics of me and her whenever we hugged or kissed. paparazzi potential there. i took karen home after a few hours, it being way past her curfew already.

sunday found me in makati again. a sunday ago, i was supposed to meet karen and get introduced to her mom and brother but i was unable to go due to some unforseen circumstances. i got there and off to church we went (they're born again christians by the way) in the car, i tried to get a conversation going with karen's mom, which went okay i think. we arrived at the fort a few minutes later where services were being held. the experience was slightly uncomfortable, me being catholic (and a non-practicing one at that!) but as the service went on i relaxed a bit. i actually had fun, which is saying a lot, considering my slight aversion towards religious gatherings. we had dinner at greenbelt afterwards before going home.

i just hope i made a good impression on her mom. hmm. might go to another service and pray for that. haha. =]

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  1. i heart batman...but...will probably watch superman so i can check out all that hype ;)


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