when the moon is full..

Thursday, June 01, 2006

i have been weirdly fascinated with werewolves since i was a little kid. i have read countless tales and watched movies about the feared night creatures during the course of my entire life. make no mistake though, i'm no werewolf expert; suffice to say my interest in them is more on the romantic side.. normal humans by day but when the full moon blooms, he turns into this ferocious beast, with raging, uncontrollable urges. not to mention the fact that the werewolf is such a striking image. tragic na maangas. =]

that said, i stumbled upon this site that plays upon the vampire/werewolf struggle for power depicted in the movie "underworld". pretty interesting, if i do say so myself. for all you RPG enthusiasts out there, click HERE and join the battle! =]

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