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Friday, February 24, 2006

remember that infamous "sex scene" in disney's "the lion king"?for those of you who don't know what the fuck i'm talking about, here goes. months after it's showing, "the lion king" generated a slight controversy when some people apparently saw the word "sex" on one of the scenes in the said movie. the issue spawned a few websites and much discussion among surfers everywhere. (read more HERE.)

now, to my point.

i was in the bathroom one lazy day doing my thing, lighted cigarette in one hand and a book on the other. i was absent-mindedly flicking off the ashes, which naturally fell on our tiled bathroom floor. after a few minutes, i put aside my book to clean up. imagine my surprise as i glanced down at the area near my feet:now for those of you who are wondering, no i did not do any sort of photomanipulation on this picture.

amazing what some free time, ashes, a camera phone and dirty, imaginative mind can do. =]

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  1. wow Larrie, kumpleto ka sa banyo ah! ...yer book, cellie, yosi, imagination..anupah? i betcha bottom dollar u bring errything and do errything in there, huh? hahahahaha...... *insert subliminal ashes* ROFL!!

  2. mula ngayon, magmamasid na rin ako kung ano ang posibleng mabuo kong salita o ano pa mang interesanteng bagay mula sa upos ng yosi. hay yay yay. tititigan ko na ang sahig ng banyo.

    wow! new hobby na ito! hahaha

  3. it's a sign. i tell you. it's a sign. ;p


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