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Monday, January 16, 2006

went to tiendisitas last night to unwind with 4 of my closest friends. we had fun checking the tiangges out, kahit mejo mainit. afterwards, we sat down, ordered several cups of frozen shakes, yummy flavored sumans and had a long talk. thanks guys! i badly needed that. at least for several hours, i forgot about you-know-what. =]

oh, and of course i took photos. ganda ng ilaw e. i think i'll include these in my "light and shadows" photo folio. =]gj: the spoiled, chain-smoking prima donna. pe: the hiphop-lovin' basketball freak. kel: the objective, brit-rock lover.
moi: the moody, passionate artist. (photo taken by gj)
my four pillars of strength.

p.s. sorry kab! kaw lang walang solo! low batt kasi yung cam haha! next time, promise.

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