Tuesday, December 13, 2005

ok, first off, the reason why i don't really like being suspended is because i tend ta stuff my face more. i think i ate twice early this morning, pareho pang rice meals. ice cream pa pagdating ng lunch. haha. my uncle even commented that i have the balls ta wear small shirts even tho i eat like a newly-released inmate. i just smiled and gave him the finger. i lost a lot of weight the past months, so i guess i'm friggin' entitled ta pig out every once in a while. right? =]

met up with gj in the afternoon. after getting a pedicure (hey, i have ingrown toenails! they hurt a lot!) we went to jair's place ta pick up ana. we took her home, then proceeded home ourselves. during the ride home, i noticed this guy sitting next to me. now, he looked normal enough.. until he pulled out his wallet and opened it. i saw a picture of a NEKKID GUY inside. i was like, "what the hell?!"

now i'm no homophobe. people who really know me can attest to that. it's just that i think it's strange that most fashionably well-dressed guys i see nowadays tend to be members of the "third reich", hahahaha. i refuse to believe that you have to actually be GAY to look presentable.

i have this crazy notion about "them" and their seeming overwhelming quantity. ever wonder why you see a lot of gay people nowadays? my theory is, aside from the fact that society is now more open to the idea of their existence, some people treat homosexuality as a lifestyle. it's like some sort of secret society wherein if you wanna dress like this, or mingle with this type of people, you'd hafta be gay. no if's and but's. do i even make sense? haha. whatever. maybe i just need ta get out more. or maybe i just need ta meet more people. well-dressed MALES to be exact LOL.

okidoki. just wanted ta let that weirdness out. time ta hit the sack. gotta show dem bosses i can get ta work on time, make 'em regret suspending me LOL

goo'night y'all.

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  1. you're suspended?!?!

    oh shit.

    i want too.


  2. My friends are really well-dressed but the most fit to be seen types are my gay friends.. why is that?

  3. rona: trust me, it's not as awesome as it sounds. =]

    zaizee: you got me there. even i'm stumped. haha =]


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