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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

my own version of that "15 anonymous statements" thing i got tagged with a couple months back. so yeah. all you need to do is to write 15 statements for 15 people you know. so there.

"you're a fucking liar, and i hate you for it."

"i can't shake the feeling that you don't really care about me as much as you say."

"thanks for being there for me. you say the things that i'm afraid to even think of."

"be strong. everything will turn out fine for you."

"you really need to lighten up sometimes."

"i'm glad we managed to stay friends."

"thanks for trusting in me."

"i wish i had your skills and your opportunities."

"sometimes i still think of what might have happened if i gave us another chance."

"i know you're one of the nicest persons around but damn.. there's a limit for everything."

"i gave it my all, but i guess i really wasn't good enough for you."

"can we switch lives for a week?"

"you have a lot of potential. try aiming for the stars, and i'll be right behind you."

"life is short. go out and get one."

"i laugh and joke about it, but in fact i envy the life you chose."

+ + + +

funny. my life is a tapestry, and the patterns are so so striking.

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  1. i'm not telling. haha. kaya nga anonymous e. =]

  2. assuming na anjan ako, sa tingin ko ay akin yung:

    "i wish i had your skills and your opportunities."

    Bat ko napili yan? wala lang. gusto ko lang magmaganda. hahahaha.. antaray kase eh. flattering yung statement. hehe

  3. ANG DAMI MO PALANG BABAE!!! Hahaha or meron paulit ulit diyan????

  4. abby, you silly ass! hahaha i din't say pangbabae lang to lahat!


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