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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

here it is! the interview i was talking about yesterday. i read this on jaki's blog some time ago, and i thought it'd be fun to try. it's really simple. here are THE RULES:

1. Leave me a comment saying “interview me.”
2. I will respond by asking you five questions.
3. You will update your blog/site with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. (Write your own questions or borrow some.)

so are we clear on that? good. here goes nothing:

1. if you didn't know how to draw, how would you best express yourself?
hmmm... interesting question.. if i din't draw.. i'd prolly use music as my medium for expression. as it is, i'm so into music already.. i would've put more time and effort if i wasn't so darn driven to hone my graphic skills. before, i used to take piano lessons na, then i "studied" playing guitar. i wouldn't have stopped taking lessons! i would've put more effort in forming a band of my own too. we'd be an alternative band, influenced by coldplay, gin blossoms, vertical horizon, goo goo dolls etc. hahaha DAMN! i'm drooling just thinking of it. right now, i'm trying to save for a respectable acoustic guitar, one with which i can practice and hopefully get better at. i have a promise to myself, and it'd prolly be a good idea to share it with you. before i die, i'd be in a band. promise. =]

2. if there's one thing about baguio you miss, what is it (well, name everything you can think of!!)
hahaha.. jaki ha.. as if naman you din't know.

you can't possibly mention baguio without me thinking of tata.. yeah, i know it's been over for a long time, pero i still remember the memories as if it were yesterday. i remember the first time we met.. the first time we went out.. the first time i went up to baguio.. the first night together.. countless hours just clowning around and talking.. endless hours spent at my home or hers, watching VCD's.. the works. bittersweet memories. but more than that, i remember baguio as the place where i felt truly ALIVE. maybe it was the simple lifestyle.. maybe it was being far away from home and being independent. it may sound mababaw, pero it was like that for me. and of course, i'll always remember the beautiful people i met there, those who made my stay there more worthwile. sila byron, weng, nikki, eric taer, madel, winston, mich, dunhil (oo jaki, kasama sha), omeng, at shempre, si jaki. some of you might not think it a big deal, heck some won't even remember me, i know.. but you guys touched my life. drama ba? haha. sorry. umuulan e. =]

3. do you agree to charter change? (running out of questions!!)
hahaha. i am so sick and fucking tired of philippine politics, but hey, i'll give it a go.

i don't agree that changing our present form of government is the solution to the country's woes. if ever, it'd just make things worse. the change will do more harm than good. besides, i thnk the problem lies not with the system itself, but the people who run it. i think the filipino people can't govern themselves if their lives depended on it. the very nature of pinoys, yung mapagbigay sa kapwa to the extent of excessive sacrifice, and our tendency to take advantage of something for our own gain, is suspect. now don't get me wrong, i'm proud to be filipino. i will always be. i believe we are a talented and intelligent race. it's just our character is flawed. unless this changes, then i don't see things getting better for us anytime soon. o di ba? pinatulan talaga? hahahaha!

4. if you looked like me, what would you do?
hahahahha! ano ba? i detect a hint of insecurity in this question somewhere. wait.. i look lke you lang ha? i wouldn't be female, right? hmmmm...if i looked like you, i'd prolly be so vain i would be unbearable. alam mo naman that i think you have a beautiful face. i bet yung male version mo would be handsome as well. i'd prolly be looking in the mirror all the time, practicing papogi looks. i'd prolly be in the gym most of the time too, sculpting my body to match my handsome face. i'd work out so often i'd prolly have arms the size of a thich tree branch, and i'd wear body hugging, form-fitting sleeveless muscle shirts all the time. i'd prolly chase after everything in a skirt, just to see if i can score. i'd prolly have an IQ of 30, given that i won't have time to study because of my busy gym schedule. and i'd have a 2-inch penis from taking too much steroids. good thing i don't look like you no? =]

5. what's the one thing you regret not trying in life (if ever there is something you didn't try)?
hmm.. this one's tough. i'd prolly hafta say.. being brave.

yep, you heard me right. being brave.

i have been afraid of life for as long as i can remember. it's that fear that has prevented me from doing things that might have made my life better now. if i wasn't afraid of leaving my nanay alone, i would've been in NY now with my mom, prolly fully graduated and working, earning benjamins instead of pesos. if i wasn't afraid of being a failure, i would have applied long ago in an ad agency. if i wasn't afraid of change i would have tried a lot of things already. i haven't tried being brave yet.. will there be ever a time? i do hope so.

ayun.. thanks for the interview jaki! it was fun! ('cept for that lame charter change query.. haha!) anybody wants ta have a go, you know what to do! =]

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  1. awww larry!! hahaah great run, dude! that charter change question WAS lame.. hahaha.. y'know me.. love the what if you looked like me answer... kakaiba ka parj! kaya mahal na mahal kita eh. baliw! ikaw??? MAKAKALIMUTAN KO?!??! NEVAAAHHHH!! miss you dude ;)

  2. hahahaha. serious answer ko dun no! shempre, rules are rules! (taena i seem ta be saying that a lot lately. go figure.) miss na din kita mama jaki!!! kaya, umuwi ka na kahit saglit at tayo nang shumat! bangenge!!!

  3. bangengeeeeeeeee! shet havent heard that in a long time... waaaah uwi na ako.. para lang maglasing tayo. then balik ako dito. wahahha. :D

  4. hey dumb ass!!! interview me!!! ;-)

  5. ok dumbass. here are your questions:

    1. if you were given a power for one single day, what would it be and how would you use it?
    2. if you could be a famous person for a day, past or present, who would you be and how would you spend that day?
    3. given the choice, and knowing now what you do know, would you still choose to be gay in your next life? why or why not?
    4. what's the one thing you regret not trying in life (if ever there is something you didn't try)?
    5. if you could go back in time and talk to your younger self, say 4-5 years back, what would you say to him?


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