Thursday, August 25, 2005

i had a blast at sir ronald's part last night at kamay kainan. the food was great (calamares, breaded chicken, veggies, papaitan... dang!) i came back for seconds pa, which made me guilty because i am on a diet. but what the hey! the alcohol was a-flowing. i think i had like 8-9 glasses of red wine, plus uncountable bottles of san mig light. by 11pm the place had become a dancefloor. the lights were dimmed, and loud house and R&B music was blaring from the speakers. the other employees started dancing, so me and the officemates joined in on the fun also. too bad the place closed by 1pm. if i weren't so dang wasted i would have prolly went out pa. pfft. bitin e. hahaha. imma post pics soon sa multiply as soon as our HR people upload it. yeba! =]

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  1. hey hey hey botti! :-) good to know ur havin' fun! :-)



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