Tuesday, June 21, 2005

dammit. i wasn't able to go to fete. lucky though. kab and kel and perry went, and they said it was packed. they din't get to wach a single band. plus there were jologs scattered everywhere. shirtless and perspiring. ugh.

anyways perry and kel decided to drop by at 2am after fete for a little chat. after a couple rounds of colt perry began talking. turns out jackie has been sneaking off again to meet august. jeez. and i thought everything was okay. he detailed how he was able to find out about the exchanges between the two. i tell you, perry can be a fuckin' detective. he even has printed copies of the conversations. (hello garci, eat your heart out.) i felt sorry for him. nobody ever deserves to be treated this way, after all he has done for the both of them. we promised to keep our mouth shut, kel and i.

i wonder what perry meant by "gaganti ako"..

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