what's on your playlist (series 3)

Monday, October 16, 2006

i'm on indie frenzy right now. woo-hoo!

CONNER/hello graphic missle

a band from lawrence, kansas made up of bryce boley (drums), phil bonahoom (bass), james duft (guitar/vocals) and tom wagner (guitar). they sound a bit like we are scientists on a jazz kick. fun and furious.

listen to cold feelings HERE

DESTROYER/notorious lightning and other works

destroyer is dan bejar, who started the band as a solo home-recording experiment in the early to mid nineties.

listen to an actor's revenge HERE


this song reminds me of stormy nights spent in a dark castle. not that i've done that already LOL.

listen to a man of fortune HERE

DOVEMAN/the acrobat

slow, steady and ethereal-sounding. perfect for lazy afternoons at home.

listen to teacup HERE


fancey is a pet project of new pornographers' guitarist tom fancey. this one is an honest-to-goodness fun song. with none of the usual candy-coated crap other bands put out nowadays.

listen to rock and roll rhythm HERE


a cacophany of sounds that mix well in your ears, for those looking for something different to listen to.

listen to sister sneaker sister soul HERE

SCISSORS FOR LEFTY/underhanded romance

what the fuck is up with the song title title anyways? LOL a great, brit-pop-dance tune. you'd bust a move no matter what the song is named. =]

listen to ghetto ways HERE

THE BROKEN WEST/the dutchman's gold

previously known as the brokedown, they decided to change their name after signing with merge records and landing a full-length album deal due for release in january 2007.

listen to my love is true HERE

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  1. La, favor naman. could you find me mp3 of 'love sonnets' or '20 love sonnets' or '100 love sonnets' or just plain poems by pablo neruda. hint: it's poetry reading with background music... the most popular of which is the one by emilio estevez. i just want to know the site... or better yet, email it to me any downloads, hehe.

  2. ok un song by Doveman...

    -windz :)

  3. yeah, this rocks. what sucks is my office headphones.

  4. ey man, if you have time, could you said the fray song on rascargil@gmail.com? i don't think it reached hotmail, thanks


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