valentine rant

Monday, February 13, 2006

okay, i can't deny it anymore. valentine's day is almost here.

everywhere i look, i see its' spirit. senti movies on cable, love day specials on music channels, the lovapalooza, etc. even documentary-type programs are jumpin' on the bandwagon.


i honestly never had a problem with it before, but nowadays the concept is so.. repulsive for me. maybe because it's gonna be the first time in a long while that i'm spending it without a girlfriend.

yeah, i know. whiny ain't i?

a lot of people would say that i could just spend it with family or friends or whoever. in fact they are right. valentine's day isn't just about girlfriends or boyfriends. it's about love, right? and love isn't confined to dinners with significant others. somehow though, the thought doesn't offer much comfort for me.


if only i can just skip february 14 altogether. just sleep through it.

at least even if i dream about it, i'd have a chance to be with the one person i wanna spend valentine's day with.


happy valentine's day to all the lucky people out there.

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